David Woodhead 
16th March 1942 - 22nd March 2006 
Gerald Thickett : 
David Woodhead will be sadly missed at Wombwell chess club I know that I have lost a very good friend.  
Geoff I have attached a photo of David that I took just 1 week before going on holiday playing in a game at Wombwell.  
Barry Brian 
I was with David when he died and am lucky to have got out alive as he was driving at about 60 mph when he had the heart attack. I had just congratulated him on how well he had played. Nd4++ WAS HIS LAST MOVE. It was played with a minute left on his clock in the time scramble that was typical of David.  
Over the last 7 or 8 years I have definitely spent more time than anybody with David in the car going to play chess. We played together for THE CHARTIST, HOYLAND and WOMBWELL, IN THE HUDDERSFIELD, DONCASTER AND BARNSLEY LEAGUES.  
I am going to miss him badly as he was my best chess playing mate.  
He was typical of thousands of us chess players who share the "ups and downs" of the game knowing we will never get any better!  
The only difference being that he could talk for ever about the game!!  
I feel the Huddersfield League, in particular, should remember David and suggest a Trophy in his name. Possibly for the middle ranking of the Individual, which he won twice-including last year.  
As I was so close to David and there at his death I would be more than willing to donate the funds for this trophy.  
Barry Brian. 
We all have our own individual memories of David, which will be for ever etched on our minds, and we all suffer a sense of sadness and loss. We have lost a great character and a man who was passionate about chess, a time trouble gambler, as though he couldn't stop himself looking at the fascinating lines. He loved chess .. has anyone played more than he ? He had character and grit, he called a spade a spade, and stood no nonsense. He called it as he saw it. There was no falseness. He had "heart" in spades... yet died of a heart attack. I remember watching a game he played against Stewart Thompson. Stewart had won the exchange, but failed to find a plan in the middle game, and David [who was Stewart's nemesis] came storming back and won. "Well," said David, "Tha didn't do nowt !" 
He had "heart" in spades... yet died of a heart attack.  
His last move was Nd4 #, in the last minute on his clock. 
Geoff Peake 
September 1980 President David Woodhead presenting Edgar Priestley with the Silver King trophy.  
Michael Holmes won the Junior Trophy [background].