The Great Man is Gone 
We will remember him as a true friend.  
He will be missed. 
We are all poorer today... 
"In every friend we lose a part of ourselves....and the best part." {Alexander Pope} 
Roger Tuddenham  
17/7/1944  - 1/6/2010 
A very common sight at AGM's ! 
No quarter asked or given ! Stewart Thompson was very proud to have scored two wins and a draw {+ 2 ? losses} against Roger. 
Holme Valley's Graham Hughes was not so lucky. Roger gave him many a chess lesson for free ! 
With Robert J. Sutcliffe at Roger's 60th at the Chartist 
The Cake ! 
The familiar fleece and concentration ! 
In 2007 after many years of trying Roger was proud to finally win the Individual Knock Out section 2 trophy.