Minutes of 
At Holmfirth Community Fire Station 
Tuesday 2nd May 2006 
Roger Keely, Leo Keely, Geoff Peake, James Grist, Stewart Thompson, Kevin Haigh, Reg Atkinson, Andrew Drabble, Graham Hughes, Simon Anscombe, Peter Douglas 
1. Simon Anscombe was elected Chairperson. 
2. Apologies were received from Norman Battye. 
3. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 3rd May 2005 were accepted as a true record. 
4. Matters arising  
Posters had been produced by Geoff Peake and distributed by Stewart Thompson around the area. There had been contact from two persons, but this had come to nothing. 
The special handicap match that had been proposed last season by Stewart Thompson had not taken place. Stewart Thompson agreed to organise a special handicap match at the end of August 2006 as a pre-season event. 
Geoff Peake reported that Stewart Thompson had been presented with a cheque of £10 for second place in the 2004-5 Club Tournament.  
5. Secretary's report 
Roger Keely reported that Huddersfield had been promoted to the Woodhouse. 
The Huddersfield & District Chess Association AGM would be held on Wednesday 28th June 2006. Roger hoped that as many HV members as possible would attend. 
A} Venue and match night 
The venue / match night was a big issue. After much discussion a show of hands indicated that the Fire Station was the preferred venue. Roger asked members to keep an eye open for other suitable venues. 
B} Recruitment and Publicity 
It was agreed that the Chess Club Fixtures plus a poster be mounted on the Holme Valley Fire Station notice board. 
6. Report on Club Individual Competition and Club nights 
Geoff Peake reported that all games had been played in the Holme Valley Grading Increase Chess Tournament, and presented the final Tournament crosstable. The Tournament had been won by Peter Douglas, and he was presented with a £25 prize {donated by Geoff Peake}, 2nd place was Simon Anscombe {even though he won every game!} 
It was agreed that the Tournament for 2006-7 should follow the same format  - Winner of the Tournament to be decided by the player with the greatest increase in grade - provided he had played all the players still in the Tournament. Roger Keely thanked Geoff Peake for again organising the Tournament and providing sponsorship of £25 prize money. The Tournament is to take place on identified Club Nights (match free weeks) starting end August 2006. 
It was agreed that Roger Tuddenham {or anyone else who wished} could play in this Tournament provided they paid the fees to join the Club. 
It was agreed that a trophy be purchased {and engraved } to be used as first prize. Simon Anscombe donated his £10 for 2nd place in the 2005-6 Tournament towards the cost of this Trophy. 
7. Team Captain's report  
Watkinson / Rapidplay  
    Roger Keely reported that the team had a successful season, coming 3rd out of eight teams in the Watkinson. 
    In the Rapidplay the team had come 2nd out of 8 teams. 
    The teams had always fielded a full team which Roger felt was a very good sign. 
8. Team Captain's report  
Handicap / Team KO 
   The Handicap team had come 5th= out of nine teams. The Captain was continuing his policy of giving as many members as possible equal opportunity of playing in matches. 
In the team KO the team had reached the final, but lost to Huddersfield. 
9. Treasurer's Report 
     Geoff Peake reported that 13 players had paid subs of £5 each = £65. League fees were £30. White Hart room rents were £40 , £10 had been paid to S.V.Thompson  {2nd place 2004-5 Tournament} £10 to Simon Anscombe {2nd place 2005-6 Tournament}. Simon donated this towards the cost of a Trophy -so this has not been included in this year's accounts} so we had gone down £15 from a starting balance of £101.36 to £86.36. 
{Note: it was resolved in 2003-4 season that members who do not pay their subs by Christmas would not be considered for team matches after that date}. 
It was decided that chess subs be raised to £10 {though discretion to be shown to needy members}. 
10. Other reports. 
Stewart Thompson and Geoff Peake reported on their work with Holmfirth High School pupils at their chess club (Mr Michael Lamb). A program for chess improvement had been devised and published on the web. Geoff had constructed a demonstration board and chess tuition sessions had been undertaken. Pupils' {annotated} games both in matches and in a Tournament that Geoff had organised had been put on the web. It was hoped that eventually pupils would play in matches for HV Chess Club. 
11. Election of Officers 
Secretary : Roger Keely 
Team Captain Watkinson / Rapidplay : Roger Keely 
Team Captain Handicap / Team KO : Kevin Haigh 
Club Competition Organiser : Geoff Peake 
Treasurer : Geoff Peake 
Recruitment and Publicity: Stewart Thompson 
12. Purchase of Equipment 
It was agreed to purchase two more sets and boards, and chess score sheets. 
13. A.O.B. 
Andrew Drabble asked if there were to be any Club events during the summer, but there was lack of support for summer chess meetings. 
It was agreed in principle that Holme Valley host one of the preliminary rounds of the Rapidplay at the White Hart {though payment for this was a grey area!}. 
Geoff Peake made available his grading lists of games played since August 2005;  
his Summary of grades for players in the Huddersfield Leagues;  
his Rapidplay Grading list; 
his Program for Chess Improvement {devised for Holmfirth High pupils};  
the results of the Individual Knock Out. In this Norman Battye was congratulated for winning Section 3, and Reg Atkinson for coming 2nd. 
Next AGM Tuesday 1st May 2007 at 7:30pm. 
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