Tuesday 29th May 2007 
Present were: Norman Battye, Peter Douglas, Joe Froggatt, Kevin Haigh,  
Roger Keely, Geoff Peake, Stewart Thompson, Roger Tuddenham. 
1. Norman Battye was elected chairman.  
2. Apologies were received from: Andrew Drabble, James Grist, Leo Keely. 
3. The minutes of the A.G.M. of 2nd May, 2006 were accepted as a true record. 
4. Matters arising:  
Roger Keely raised the question of Holmfirth High School, but Geoff Peake and Stewart Thompson said that they no longer went, as they were given no chance to teach chess. Geoff Peake read a report of the involvement with Holmfirth High. The situation was regretted but there was nothing that could be done at present. 
5.Secretary’s report:  
Venue and match night: In response to a question from Peter Douglas about venue, Roger Keely said that the fire station had become unavailable, and that the White Hart had proved a stable venue.  
Recruitment and publicity: Geoff Peake said that the posters had produced two responses but the people concerned dropped out. Joe Froggatt proposed an open night. This was considered to be a good idea and it was decided to hold two open nights at the start of September organised by Stewart Thompson and Joe Froggatt. The second would also be the first tournament night. 
Roger Tuddenham asked about dissemination of information to members. Geoff Peake said that this was done through e-mail. 
The importance of making new members welcome was stressed, and of making extra boards and sets available on match nights for anyone who just wished to come along to play friendly games. 
Roger Keely went on to say that the club had been energetic, entering four tournaments in the Huddersfield League. The Club tournament and web site had been most successful, as had the season generally. He particularly mentioned the contribution of Geoff Peake in these areas.  
6. Club Individual Competition:  
     Geoff Peake went through his written report. He said that people dropping out had been a problem. Neil Hardy had been unavailable due to working away, but Leo Keely had taken his place. Eventually, however, the winner had become clear. Stewart Thompson was presented with the cup. 
     Geoff Peake’s proposal for a five-round Swiss tournament, handicap format, was put with the amendment that it should be open to players from outside the club, but by invitation only (Proposed Stewart Thompson, seconded Joe Froggatt). Some opposition was expressed by Roger Keely, that open access to the tournament could work to the benefit of the club, but the motion was eventually passed 7 — 1. 
     Roger Tuddenham thanked members for letting him play in the tournament, and said how much he had enjoyed it. A motion thanking Geoff Peake for organizing the tournament was carried unanimously. 
7. Team reports.       
     Roger Keely reported that the Scratch Team had had a fair season but that it had not always been possible to get the full team out. First equal in the Bill Lumley Rapid play had been an excellent result, but Chartists had won as they had defeated Holme Valley in the individual match. 
     Kevin Haigh presented two reports; on the Handicap Team: We won! On the Team K.O.: We lost! 
8. Treasurer’s report.      Geoff Peake reported that we had £24.08. Expenditure had been £304.78 and income £242.50. It was generally agreed that subscriptions must rise. After much discussion a new schedule of subscriptions was put (proposed Stewart Thompson, seconded Roger Keely): 
     Annual Subscription                     -      £15.00 
     Junior (still at school)                   -      £10.00 
     New member (first year only)      -      £10.00 
     Match fee (members playing in match only) - £2.00 (Team captains to collect.) 
     No fee for open nights / club nights. 
     Discretion to be exercised in cases of hardship. 
     Associated members who wish to play in club tournament - £5.00 (Proposed Roger Keely, seconded Joe Froggatt). 
     Geoff Peake resigned as treasurer due to lack of time. 
9. Election of Officers: 
     Secretary                              -      Roger Keely 
     (Proposed Geoff Peake, seconded Stewart Thompson) 
     Team Captain (Scratch)      -      Roger Keely 
     (Proposed Stewart Thompson, seconded Norman Battye) 
     Team Captain (Handicap)   -      Kevin Haigh 
     (Proposed Norman Battye, seconded Stewart Thompson) 
     Competition organizer and coach      -      Geoff Peake 
     (Proposed Stewart Thompson, seconded Roger Tuddenham) 
     Treasurer                              -      Norman Battye 
     (Proposed Stewart Thompson, seconded Kevin Haigh) 
     Recruitment and Publicity Officer      -      Stewart Thompson 
     (Proposed Norman Battye, seconded Kevin Haigh) 
10. Purchase of equipment. None should be purchased at present owing to lack of funds.  
11. A.O.B.       
            Roger Keely said that he would see to the booking of the room when the fixture list became available.  
           Geoff Peake reminded everyone of the HDCA AGM on Wed 4th July 2007 at the Lindley Liberal Club, and asked members to attend, 
            Geoff Peake expressed concern about the security and of equipment. 
            It was noted that the landlord had kindly waved the fee for the room for that night.