The Story of the TeamKO 2009 
Team KO Draw +Results HERE 
Tues 17th March 
Holme Valley defeat Netherton A to move into semi-finals.   
They are now home to West Bretton Tues 24th March 2009. 
Stormin' Normin causes shock turn around !  
Battye batters Bailey and brings home the bacon ! 
Gone in 60 seconds ! In a matter of seconds HV stalwart Norman Battye snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. 
Holme Valley needed 3pts or better to go through. They were 0-2 down {Leo Keely lost to Alan Coupe and Martin Freeman lost to Heather Coupe}. Norman Battye had to give up a Bishop and a Rook to stop Gregory Bailey's Q-side pawn advance and looked well beaten. This meant the other three players had to win. James Grist defeated Paul Jackson, and Graham Hughes had a won position against John Eagers. But amazingly Kevin Haigh agreed a draw against Bill Lumley in a complex middlegame. Kevin had the the better position earlier, but Bill tells me it was even at the end. The match looked lost but Norman Battye had a K-side attack with Queen Rook and Knight against Gregory Bailey's exposed King and achieved a sudden checkmate ! Graham Hughes duly completed a smooth impressive win against John Eagers obtaining revenge for his loss to John in January. 
Wed 18th March 
Strong Netherton team crash out to David Browns ! OR DO THEY ? 
4-0 up at home and cruising things seemed to be going smoothly for Netherton, but then Ron Atkinson ran into double trouble - time and position against Richard Caufield and was glad to get out with a draw. Then - in the last game to finish - Peter Shaw lost to Individual KO finalist Dave Gray ! 
HOWEVER stand-in Captain John Hill played Richard Caufield and Derek Senior in the wrong board order.  
This means that in these games results are forfeited, and adjustments removed {as for defaults}. This meant that technically, according to the rules Netherton won the match. Not being happy to win in such a fashion, the Netherton Captain, John Newsome has sportingly offered to replay the match.  
John Hill has agreed to this and the match will now be replayed on Wed 25th March. 
{The individual game results will still stand for grading purposes} 
The winner of this match will now play Huddersfield on a date agreed by the Team Captains. 
Tues 24th March 
West Bretton defeat Holme Valley to go into TeamKO final. 
Holme Valley needed just 2 points to defeat West Bretton. This looked possible when Leo Keely defeated B. Cuaresma, and both James Grist {against Granville Boot}, and Norman Battye {against Gerry Thickett} had good positions.  
Joe Froggatt lost against Ta-Asan, and Graham Hughes lost a wild miniature against Roger Tuddenham. Kevin Haigh went under in a Closed Sicilian against Dave Toulson.  
Then Norman Battye carelessly dropped his Queen , and though he won it back he was still material down and eventually lost. The match depended on James Grist v Granville Boot 
James also dropped his Queen, and eventually lost in the last couple of minutes in the Quickplay finish. 
Wed 25th March 
Netherton defeat David Browns 5-4 in the replay to earn a semi-final match at home to Huddersfield to be played Wed 1st April 2009. 
Wed 1st April 
Peter Czerwinski's Huddersfield handicap team on course for the treble !! 
Huddersfield defeated Netherton 4.5-2.5 in the Team KO semi-final match to earn a final tie away to West Bretton - TO BE PLAYED Wed 8th April.  Huddersfield have already won the two other Handicap competions - Examiner Handicap and Bill Lumley Rapidplay Handicap. 
Wed 8th April 
West Bretton win TeamKO ! 
Peter Czerwinski's Huddersfield handicap team failed to win the treble. 
West Bretton defeated Huddersfield 3.5-2.5 in the Team KO final. After Robert Sutcliffe dropped a piece against Roger Tuddenham, and Tony Aguirre  lost to Bien Cuaresma, Huddersfield recovered with John Lavan defeating Granville Boot, and Dave Tooley defeating Dave Toulson. But rapidly improving new boy Ruben Ta-Asan defeated Mehool Shah to give West Bretton the lead, so the match depended on the top board match. Barry Marshall drew with Matthew Parsons to give West Bretton their second trophy {Littewood Shield the other trophy}.