Huddersfield & District Chess Association  
          AGM Trophy Presentation 2010 
                                           20 members attended 
David Firth receiving the League's premier trophy - the Watkinson {Huddersfield Knights} 
Huddersfield Bishop's Captain Chris Stratford receives the Littlewood shield. 
Peter Czerwinski - Captain of the Huddersfield Rooks who won the Examiner Handicap. 
Stuart Oliver, Peter and David Firth - Three members of the victorious Rooks team 
John Newsome [left] and Bill Lumley congratulating each other for winning the Team KO trophy [Netherton B] 
Peter Shaw receving the Bill Lumley Rapidplay trophy {Netherton A} 
                            Individual KO winner section 1 Peter Shaw 
Calderdale's Dave Patrick happy to receive the Individual Knock Out runner up shield in Section 1 
                  Section 2a not yet completed  {Robert J. Sutcliffe  v  Paul Jackson} 
BELOW           Section 2b [David Woodhead trophy] winner Chris Stratford. 
Section 2b runner up was John Hill. Here Alec Ward receives the trophy on his behalf. 
Section 3 winner Mike Wilford 
Good old Norman Battye back again for runner up Section 3