Gristy at the Huddersfield Congress 2005 
Young Ben Crompton finally lost after being in a won position against  
Reg Atkinson in the Huddersfield Dragons v Holme Valley match. 
Okay, the regulation glass of coke is there. Has he finished the cheese and onion crisps? 
Huddersfield Dragons defeating  Holme Valley 
Nearest: Kevin Haigh losing to Peter Hepworth 
Gristy beating James Woodbridge 
Stewart Thompson losing to Jordan Hayhurst, 
Neil Hardy losing to Greg Eagleton, 
Leo Keely defeating Charlie Woodbridge. 
Peter Hepworth (see above) 
Garden Gnome Stewart Thompson losing to Robert Sutcliffe 
   The Hermit of Scholes in action. 
Holme Valley defeating Netherton B 6-0 25/1/06 
Netherton A 6-0 David Browns same night. 
Youth in Action  
(near left) Ben Crompton defeating A Cruikshank 
Peter Hepworth defeating A.J.Cratchley 
James Woodbridge defeating John Newsome 
(far left) Paul Jackson drew with Jordan Hayhurst in a King's Gambit, 
(near right) Greg Eagleton defeating Alan Coupe. 
Rapidplay at Chartist 22/2/06