Hungarian Variation 

Mike A. Fox

Dewsbury v Holme Valley Exam Bd 1 (1)
Dewsbury, 2004

1. e4 c5

Sicilian heh heh.

2. Nf3 g6

Sicilian Accelerated Dragon

3. Bc4

Fischer played Bc4 in Sozin variation,it's well placed, but it is vulnerable to both e6,d5 and b5, and Nc6-a5

3... Bg7

Already this position favours Black - 58% Black in 208 games !!

4. O-O Nc6

Now Black has CONTROL of d4 and e5

5. c3!

Good move, if White can play d4 he will have established a SUPERIOR CENTRAL PAWN STRUCTURE

5... Qb6

PREVENTION and CONTROL! This is 67% Black. Believe it or not this position occurred in LASKER -CAPABLANCA 1924

6. d3 e6

Preparing Nge7 and d5, when Black will have established a SUPERIOR CENTRAL PAWN STRUCTURE.

7. Re1

Prevention again.

7... d6

White was threatening e5. This is PREVENTION AND CONTROL AGAIN.

8. Nbd2

White cannot afford to sack the b pawn with Be3.

8... Nge7

Black's ideal set-up controlling all the Black squares in the centre.

9. Nf1

Almost Ruy Lopez type, but it does not help White's central problems.

9... O-O

King to safety before central thrust.

10. Ng3

Now how should Black continue?

10... Na5!

Removes the dangerous Bishop. Played twice by Petar Trifunovic in similar positions.

11. Bb3

Now Black will gain the two Bishops, and give White a weakness at b3.

11... Nxb3 12. Qxb3 Qxb3 13. axb3

White has gained the a file in compensation, and this needs a lot of watching by Black.

13... e5!

A serious decision, as this creates a hole at d5. BUT now Black has f5 /d5 options AND CONTOL OF d4

14. Ra3

Defends b3 and prepares to double on the a file later.

14... h6

CONTROL of g5 so that White cannot use it for N or B. Prepares Be6

15. Nf1

Heading for the hole at d5.

15... f5

Excellent. Black is creating a "raumvorteil" in the centre. Now f4 will not only gain space but put White's Bishop in jail.

16. N3d2

Heading for c4

16... b5!

A serious decision, as this leaves the a pawn backward, but CONTROLS c4.

17. Ne3

White's only play is his Knight to d5.

17... Be6


18. c4

Virtually forced, but this gives Black d4 square for his Knight, and does not give White the c4 sq for his Knight.

18... b4 19. Ra6

Unfortunately d6 is under attack. Now I need a rethink.

19... Rfd8 20. Ndf1

? Nd5 looked the only continuation worth looking at to me.

20... Bc8

Kicks the Rook.

21. Ra2 Nc6

Black is heading for d4. Then he will use his Bishop to capture the d5 Knight and White will have no play.

22. Nc2

covering d4. But White is now condemned to passive defence. Nd5 had to be played.

22. Nd5 f4 Black will play his plan of exchange B for d5 Knight and then Nd4

22... f4

A key move - PREVENTS White using e3. White has hardly any squares left. This is probably lost for White now.

23. f3 g5

2 plans: Advance g+h pawns on K-side or Play a5, Rd7 Ra7, Bd7 and advance a4 at the right moment. White can only wait.

24. Bd2

What else ?

24... Kh7

Rook is coming to g8

25. Kf2 Bf6

I had already envisaged the Bishop regroup to b6 ! at this stage.

26. g4

Now if Black takes e.p. then White's pieces can use e3 again. But Black does not have to lose CONTROL.

26... Kg6

Switch of plan to the h file. Black is able to play on both Rook files.

27. Rea1 Rh8

prepares h5 advance.

28. Kg2

covering the K-side.

28... Bd8

the regroup ! This was too deep for my computer who wanted to get on with h5, but it soon grew to like it !

29. Be1 Bb6

Regroup competed !The Bishop will look after a7, making the White Rooks redundant, and all the other Black pieces are then freed

30. Bf2 h5 31. h3 Bd7

Freeing Black's a Rook.

32. Ra6

Setting a trap. If Black plays Rh7 to double Rooks on h file, then Rook takes Bishop.

32... Rag8

There's no rush. White has no play whatsoever. He's H O G - T I E D !!!!!!!!

33. Rd1

White finally cracks. He should just prat around with Nh2 or similar

33... Na5

So the b3 pawn was weak...and the a file was not so hot for White ! Now my computer agrees with Fox's next.

34. Nxb4

I was sure Fox would play this move. It's the only move to get some play, gaining 2 pawns for the piece and attacking 2 more.

34... cxb4 35. Bxb6 axb6 36. Rxb6

But Fox had not seen...

36... Nc6

This quiet move covers both pawns. White has a lost position.

37. Ra1 Ra8 38. Rba6 Rxa6 39. Rxa6 h4

The exchange instead would give the White Knight f3 square attacking g5. Now it's still locked up.

40. Nd2 Rb8 41. Kf2

I was going to play Rb7 to a7 , but White has Ra8 and Rg8 etc which is annoying, and the King needs regrouping for Kb6 -c5 entry

41... Kf7 42. Ke2 Ke7 43. Kf2 Kd8 44. c5

Desperation. White gains c4 for his Knight, and prevents the Kc5 to d4 entry route.

44... dxc5 45. Nc4 Kc7

Now the Rook is about to be expunged by Kb7 (Rb6 Ka7)!

46. Na5

White wants to exchange N for N as he figures the Bishop will be blocked out by the White pawns, but...

46... Nxa5 47. Rxa5 Kb6


48. Ra1 Be6

Heh heh picks up the weakness on b3 at last !

49. Ke2 Bxb3

Now it's easy.

50. Kd2

Now the d pawn will go.

50... Rd8

White cannot save this pawn.

51. Ke2 Bc2 52. Rc1 Bxd3+ 53. Kf2 Ra8

Black even triumphs on the a file as well !

54. Rd1 c4 55. Rd2

55. b3 Ra2+ 56. Kg1 c3 57. Rxd3 c2 58. Rd6+ Kc7 wins

55... Ra2 56. Ke1 Kc5

0-1 Believe it or not it's now mate in 8 on my computer - Put it on Fritz and see !

0-1 [Geoff Peake]

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