Jordan Hayhurst - Stewart V. Thompson [C56]

Huddersfield Dragons v Holme Valley Exam Bd 3/Huddersfield (1) 2005

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. O-O Nxe4

This position is 55% Black in 1535 games on the database.

6. Re1 d5

This is known to be good for Black.

A well known position

7. Bf4?

never played in 1484 games on my database. Bxd5 is normal

7. Bxd5 Qxd5 8. Nc3 Qh5 is 59% Black in 264 games.

7... Be6

I thought f5 or Bb4! looked good, though this is ok.

7... f5 renews the threat against the KB(7... Bb4 8. Bd2 (8. c3 dxc3 9. Nxc3 O-O and White is in trouble e.g. best computer can find is .. 10. Qxd5 Nxc3 advantage Black.) 8... O-O if .. 9. Bxb4 Nxb4 10. Nxd4 Nxf2 Black is better.) 8. Bb5 Bb4 9. Nbd2 O-O is better for Black

8. Bb3 Bc5

Material hungry - Bb4 is certainly better.

8... Bb4 9. Nbd2 O-O 10. a3 Bxd2 11. Nxd2 Qf6 Black is better.

9. Nbd2 Nxd2 10. Qxd2 O-O 11. a3

to prevent Bb4. Now this is a key point in the game.

Stewart plays a weak move

11... b5??

Not for the first time Stewart lashes out with a weakening suicidal anti-positional move.

11... Bf5 grabbing the key d3-h7 diagonal is simplest, Black is better.

11... Re8 is another idea 12. Qd3 g6 Now Black has the possibility of Bf5 /+ or regroup KB to f8 to g7 with a fortress.

12. Qd3

twin threat of Ng5 and Qxb5

12... a6?

Black had to play Ne7, giving up the b5 pawn.

12... Ne7 threat Bf5 13. Qxb5 Bb6 Black is ok.

13. Ng5 g6

White to play

14. Rxe6

an obvious temporary exchange sack, but still a good move.

14... fxe6 15. Nxe6

I thought Qh3 !? was possible instead.

15. Qh3 Qe7 16. Qxe6+ Qxe6 17. Nxe6 etc. White has Bxd5 up his sleeve.

15... Qe8??

This should lose quickly.Stewart is a broken man ! He had 2 good alternatives.

15... Rxf4! (15... Qf6 was possible 16. Nxc5 (16. Bxd5 is answered by.. 16... Ne7) (16. Nxf8 Rxf8 17. Bxd5+ Kh8 18. Bg3 Ne5 with interesting play) 16... Qxf4 17. Bxd5+ Kh8 18. Bxc6 Qxf2+ Again is certainly interesting.) 16. Nxd8 Rxd8 Black has material equality 17. Re1 Ne7 18. Ba2 Rdf8 19. f3 c6 with an interesting game.

16. Bxd5

Good move

Black is in trouble

16... Kh8 17. Nxc7??

The simple Nxf8 won quickly

17. Nxf8 wins 17... Bxf8 (17... Qxf8 18. Bxc6 Qxf4 19. Bxa8 White is a Rook up !) 18. Qf3 wins

17... Qd7 18. Bxc6 Qxc6 19. Be5+ Kg8 20. Qb3+ Rf7 21. Nxa8 Qxa8 22. Rd1?

Now Black has the strong answer Qe4. Bg3 was better.

22... Qe4 23. f4?

a blunder Bg3 was better.

23... d3+! 24. Kh1 dxc2 25. Rc1


25... Be3?

does nothing, Bd4 ! was the move !

25... Bd4! Black is back in it ! 26. Bxd4 Qxd4 27. g3 Qe4+ with good chances.

26. Rxc2?

a mistake, Qxc2 was better as Geoff pointed out.

26. Qxc2 was best 26... Qxc2 27. Rxc2 Bxf4? loses to 28. Rc8+ wins.

26... Bc5??

Stewart is in time trouble and self destruction mode by now. Poor old geezer

26... Qf5! covers everything. BLACK IS BETTER !!!!!!!!! Yes he is !!!!!! 27. h3 is best(27. g3?? loses to 27... Qe4+ 28. Rg2 Qb1+) 27... Bxf4 with good chances.

27. Rc1

covering the back rank.

27... h5?

time trouble despair. Qe3 was better.

27... Qe3 28. Qxe3 Bxe3 There is much to play for.

28. h3 Bf8 29. Rc8

Rc7 immediately was better.

29... Qb7??

the final blunder, of course Qf5 had to be played

29... Qf5 30. Ra8 Kh7 31. Rxa6 Black is losing, but he's not quite dead yet.

30. Rc7 Qe4 31. Qxf7#

Not a bad game by a so called 25 grade !!!!


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