Nimzovich-Larsen AttackA01

Norman Battye
Kevin Haigh

HVChess Tournament 2004-5 (1)
HV Fire Station, 2004

1. b3 Larsen's opening, but Norman plays it into a Ujtelky. 1... c5 A good reply. 2. Bb2 White is better playing 2.g3 as this ensures both Bishops will be fianchettoed. 2... b6 Prevents immediate g3 + Bg2 3. d3 3. c4, 3. f4, 3. e4 are all playable ! Larsen played this opening as a Queen's Indian reversed. 3... Bb7 4. Nd2 White will play Ngf3 and fianchetto his KBishop. 4. e4 e6 5. Nd2 has scored 75% for White and is a good alternative. White can expand on the King-side with f4 !,Nf3 etc. 4... e6 5. e3 Nf6 6. Ngf3 Be7 7. g3 O-O 8. Bg2 d6 This whole set-up looks passive to me. If your opponent gives you the centre why not take it ? 9. Nh4 Yes Petrosian often played O-O and Ne1 to swap Bishops off in a similar way. 9... Bxg2 9... d5 ! certainly looked better, and White's Knight looks exposed. Black is playing slowly and looks ill at ease. 10. Nxg2 Norman has removed the QB looking at his K-side and freed the f pawn to advance. 10... Nc6 11. O-O e5 12. Qe2 May have been better at f3 after f4. 12... Re8 Getting the Rook opposite the Queen often gives tactical tricks. 13. f4 I prefer White's position. His pieces are directed at the Black K-side and the f pawn and file have good potential. 13... exf4 looking for tricks against the Queen 14. exf4 Nxf4 looked better to me. 14... d5 15. Rae1 This is risky, White should reposition the Queen. 15... d4 16. g4 Rather risky, but Black cannot really counter in the centre. 16. Nc4 and Ne5 looked safer. 16... Nd7 Passive for me, Nb4 looks more aggressive. 17. Ne4 Nf8 Black doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. 18. g5 Qc7 19. h4 f5 20. Ng3 This is a mistake, gxf6 had to be played. 20. gxf6 Bxf6 21. h5 Nb4 22. h6 with an interesting position with chances for both sidea. 20... Bxg5 ! Now Black is better, the e-file has finally paid off for Black. 21. Qh5 21. Qxe8 is poor 21... Rxe8 22. Rxe8 Be7 trapping the Rook 23. Nxf5 Kf7 Black has a winning position. 21... Rxe1 22. Rxe1 Bxf4 23. Nxf4 Qxf4 24. Kg2 Nxf5 is the best move. 24... Qg4 I don't understand this move, but Black was in severe time trouble. g6 ! was winning for Black. 25. Qxf5 Qxf5 26. Nxf5 Now White is really in the game. 26... g6 Again weak, Ng6 better. 27. Ng3 NO ! Ne7+ puts Black in difficulties, Norman wants to keep as many pieces on the board as possible. 27... Kf7 28. Ne4 h6 29. Rf1+ Kg7 Now if the b2 - h8 diagonal was open White would have fun. 30. Kg3 Nb4 31. c3 Nxd3 32. Ba1 Rd8 ? - Re8 is Black's best. 33. Rd1 dxc3 Here, as Geoff pointed out, Black should lose a piece, 34. Nf2! 34. Bxc3+ Nf2 would win a piece. 34... Kg8 35. Rf1 Black lost on time 0-1. After Nh7 Black would have had a slight advantage, 35. Nf2 is not as good now as Black has Nxf2 and Ne4 check. 1-0 [Peake G.]

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