Roger Tuddenham - Stewart Thompson
HV Chess Tournament 2007 (White Hart), 04/03/2007

Round 6 [G.M.Peake]

[ TWO KNIGHTS' defence, C56]
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d4 exd4 5.O-O Nxe4 6.Re1 d5 7.Bxd5 Qxd5 8.Nc3 Qh5

This opening is not a great choice for White as this line has scored 59% Black in some 300+ games.
9.Nxe4 Be6 10.Bg5 Bd6 ! 61% Black
[11.c4 h6 12.Nxd6+ cxd6 13.Bf4 Qc5= / +]
[11.h4 h6 12.Nxd6+ cxd6 13.Bf4 Qd5 14.Rc1 O-O 15.Qd2 Rfe8 16.c3 dxc3 17.Qxc3 Bg4 18.Red1 Qf5 19.Bxd6 Re2 20.Bg3 Bxf3 21.gxf3 Rae8 22.Kg2 R8e6 23.Rd2 Ne7 24.Rcd1 Kh7 25.Rxe2 Rxe2 26.Rd2 Nd5 27.Qd3 Ne3+ 28.Kg1 Rxd2 29.Qxd2 Qb1+ 0-1, Aleksic Nenad 2355 - Pavlovic Milos 2455 , Yugoslavia 1993 Ch Yugoslavia (team) (qual)]
[11.Bf6 Bxh2+ 12.Nxh2 Qxd1 13.Raxd1 gxf6 14.Nxf6+ Kf8 15.Nf3 Rd8 16.Ng5
(16.a3 h5 17.Rd2 Kg7 18.Ne4 Bg4 19.Nfg5 Rhe8 20.f3 Bc8 21.Kf2 Ne5 22.Red1 f5 23.Nc5 b6 24.Nd3 Nc4 0-1, Madrid Antonio - Meulemans Bart, Internet 2001)
16...Bf5 17.Rd2 Kg7 18.Nge4 h5 19.f3 Rh6 20.g4 hxg4 21.fxg4 Bxe4 22.Nxe4 Ne5 23.Kg2 Rdh8 24.Rxd4 Rh2+ 25.Kg3 R8h3+ 26.Kf4 Nf3 27.Red1 Nxd4 28.Rxd4 Rxc2 29.Rd7 Rxb2 30.Rxc7 Rb4 31.Re7 Ra3 32.Kg5 Ra5+ 33.Kf4 Rxa2 34.Kf3 Ra3+ 0-1, Karaklajic Nikola (YUG) 2395 - Petronic Sanja (YUG) 2255, Palic (Yugoslavia) 1996]
11...cxd6 12.Bf4 Qd5

This position is 68% Black. Stewart was completely familiar with this position, and so had used very little time on the clock.
13.Qd2 ? Novelty, but this is not a good line for White.
[13.c3 is normal, but
(13...Kd7 14.Qa4 Qc4 15.Qxc4 Bxc4 16.b3 Bd5 17.Nxd4 Nxd4 18.cxd4 Rhc8 19.Rac1 Rxc1 20.Rxc1 a5 21.Rc2 a4 22.b4 a3 23.f3 Bb3 24.Re2 Ra4 25.Bc1 Bc4 26.Rc2 Rxb4 27.Bxa3 Ra4 28.Bc1 Bxa2 29.Kf2 b5 30.Bd2 Bc4 31.Rb2 Ra3 32.Be3 Kc6 33.Bd2 Kd5 34.Bb4 Rd3 35.Rb1 g6 36.Rb2 h5 37.h4 Rxd4 38.Rd2 Bd3 39.Bc3 Kc4 40.Bxd4 Kxd4 41.Ra2 b4 42.Ra7 b3 43.Rb7 Kc3 44.Ke3 Bc4 0-1, Mogranzini Roberto 2370 - Godena Michele 2505 , Frascati 31/ 3/2006 It (cat.9))
(14.a3 O-O 15.Nxd4 Nxd4 16.Qxd4 Qxd4 17.cxd4 Rc2 18.b4 d5 19.Kf1 Rc4 20.Be3 Bf5 21.Rec1 Rfc8 22.Rxc4 dxc4 23.Rc1 c3 24.Ke2 b6 25.d5 c2 26.d6 f6 27.h4 h6 28.f3 g5 29.hxg5 hxg5 30.g4 Bg6 31.Bf2 Kf7 32.Kd2 Rc6 33.Bg3 Rc4 34.Re1 Rd4+ 35.Ke2 Rd3 36.a4 Rb3 37.Kd2 Rxf3 38.Bh2 Rf2+ 39.Kc1 Rxh2 40.Re7+ Kf8 41.Re1 Rh7 42.Rf1 Rd7 43.Rxf6+ Kg7 0-1, Almer Julia 1848 - Mohamed Mehdi Aithmido 2107 , Gibraltar 1/ 2/2006 It (open) "Gibtelecom M)
14...Nxd4 15.Qxd4
(15.cxd4 O-O 16.Qa4 Rc4 17.Qxa7 Rxd4 18.Bg3 Bd7 19.Qa3 Rd3 20.Qb4 Bc6 21.f3 Rxf3 22.gxf3 Qxf3 23.Qd2 Qh1+ 24.Kf2 Qg2+ 25.Ke3 Re8+ 26.Kd3 Be4+ 27.Rxe4 Qxe4+ 28.Kc3 Rc8+ 0-1, Sudan Georges 2045 - Gurtner Daniel 2146 , Geneva 28/ 1/2007 It (open))
15...Qxd4 16.cxd4 Kd7 is 81% Black in 8 games.]
13...Kd7 Novelty ? Typical Stewart - who has an aversion to castling - which "is for wimps "-
[13...O-O 14.b3 Qc5 15.Rac1 Bg4 16.Ng5 Rad8 17.Ne4 Qa3 18.Qd3 d5 19.Nf6+ gxf6 20.Qg3 Kh8 21.Qxg4 Rg8 22.Qf5 Rg6 23.g3 Ne7 24.Qd3 Nc6 25.Rcd1 Qf8 26.Re2 Re8 27.Rde1 Rxe2 28.Rxe2 Qc8 29.Qb5 Qd7 30.Qd3 Rg8 31.Qf3 Qf5 32.Kg2 d3 33.Re1 Nd4 34.Qxd3 Qxf4 35.Kh1 Qxf2 36.Rf1 Qe2 37.Rxf6 Qxd3 38.cxd3 Re8 39.Rf4 Nc6 40.Rxf7 Ne7 0-1, Sorri Kari Juhani (FIN) 2335 - Ornstein Axel (SWE) 2440, Helsinki (Finland) 1990]
14.h3 ?! White wants to play Rad1 and c3 with pressure on d4, d6, but this is answered by the Bg4 pin.
[14.c3 !? Bf5
(14...dxc3 15.Qxc3 White has compensation for the pawn - Black's King is exposed.)
15.Nxd4 Nxd4 16.cxd4+ / =]
[14.a3 Rae8 15.Rad1 Bg4- / +]
14...Bxh3 ? This looks attractive, but is a mistake.
[14...Rhe8 15.Rad1 h6 16.c3 g5 17.Bh2 Black's King in the centre may give him grief.]
[14...f6 15.Rad1 Rae8 16.c3 g5 17.Bg3 Bf5 18.Nxd4 Nxd4 19.cxd4 Rxe1+ 20.Rxe1 Re8]
15.Bxd6 ?
[15.c4 ! had to be played, giving White the advantage.
(15...Qxc4 16.gxh3 Rae8 17.Re3+ / -)
16.Nxd4 Bxg2
(16...Qg6 17.Bg3 Bg4 18.Nb5 Black's King is just too exposed. White has a winning attack .)
17.Kxg2 Qg4+ 18.Kf1 Qh3+ 19.Ke2 Rhe8+ 20.Be3 Rac8
(20...Qg4+ 21.Kd3)
21.Nxc6 Qg4+ 22.Kd3 Rxc6 23.Qb4+ / -]
[15...Bxg2 was playable.
16.Kxg2 Qxd6 17.Nxd4 Rad8 18.Rad1 Kc8- / +]
16.gxh3 Rae8 17.a3 ?!
[17.c3 !? dxc3
(17...Rxe1+ 18.Rxe1 Re8 19.Rxe8 Kxe8 20.cxd4= / +)
18.Qxc3 Kc7= / +]
[17...Rxe1+ !? 18.Rxe1 Re8 19.Rd1
(19.Qg5 Rxe1+ 20.Nxe1 Qg6- / +)
19...Qd5 20.Qd3
(20.Nxd4 ?? Nxd4 21.Qxd4 Re1+)
20...Re6 21.c3 Rg6+ 22.Kh2 Rf6= / +]
[17...Kc7= / +]
18.Qf4 Rxe1+ 19.Rxe1 Re8 20.Qg4+ Kd8 21.Rxe8+ ?
[21.Rd1 ! Kc7 22.c3 Re6 23.Qf4+ Kc8 24.Nxd4 Nxd4 25.Qxd4 Qxd4 26.Rxd4 Re2 with only a small advantage.]
21...Kxe8 22.Qc8+ Nd8 23.Qg4 ?!
[23.Kg2 !? d3 24.cxd3 Qxd3 25.Qc5- / +]
23...Ne6 24.Qg3 Qc5 ?!
[24...Qe4 !?]
[24...Ke7 !?]
25.Qb8+ Nd8 26.Qe5+ ? This just swaps off into a lost Knight and pawn ending.
26...Qxe5 27.Nxe5 f6 28.Nf3 Nc6 29.Kg2 Ke7 30.Kg3
[30.Ng1 !? Ke6 31.Ne2 g5 32.Kg3]
30...Ke6 31.h4 h5 unnecessary
[31...Kd5 32.h5 Ne5 33.b3 d3 34.cxd3 Nxd3- +]
32.Kf4 Kd5 33.b3 b5 -0.98 34.Kf5
[34.Ne1 ? a5 35.Nd3 g6 36.f3]
34...Ne5 35.Nxe5 ?? This just goes into a lost K+P ending
[35.Ne1 a5 36.Ng2 puts up more of a fight.]
35...fxe5 36.f3 a5 37.Kg6 a4 ? This puts the win in jeopardy.
[37...e4 ! was correct winning quickly.
38.fxe4+ Kxe4 39.b4
(39.Kxg7 Ke3 40.Kg6 Kd2 41.Kxh5 Kxc2 42.Kg6 d3 43.h5 d2 44.h6 d1=Q 45.h7 Qa1 46.b4 a4 47.Kf7 Qh8)
39...a4 40.Kxg7 Kf5 41.Kh6 Kg4- +]
38.b4 ? This loses quickly.
[38.bxa4 ! is the best try, making it hard work for Black.
38...bxa4 39.Kxh5 Kc4 40.Kg6 Kc3 41.Kxg7 Kxc2 42.h5 d3 43.h6 d2 44.h7 d1=Q 45.h8=Q Qxf3- / +]
38...Kc4 39.Kf5 d3 40.cxd3+ Kb3 41.Kxe5 Kxa3 42.d4 Kxb4 43.d5 a3 44.d6 a2 45.d7 a1=Q+ 46.Ke6 Qf6+ White resigned


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