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Well it's free entry on Tuesday so it's on to the Tower of Gold
It's gold I tell yer, real gold ! 
Located on the Guadalquivir River and dating back to the 13th century (Almohade period), the top of the Torre del Oro was once covered in gold tiles which reflected in the sunlight, making the tower a visible fixture in Seville. During the Arab occupation it served as main point of defense and control of the river. The tower was connected to the city walls, and a large linked chain ran from the building to the other side of the river to control maritime traffic into the city. The Torre del Oro now houses the local maritime museum. 
The Maritime museum 
Above : View from the top of the Tower of Gold. You can see Seville cathedral in the distance. 
Zooming in on the Cathedral below. 
Trust June to cut my toes and hand off ! 
Okay we're at the back of the queue for the cathedral ! 
The third largest cathedral in the world, behind only St. Peters in Rome and St. Paul's in England. The Cathedral does hold the record as the largest gothic building in the world. This is the most visited site in Seville. Construction began in 1401 on the grounds of the center mosque constructed during Arab occupation. The Patio de Naranjos and the main section of the Giralda are the only structures remaining from the mosque. The climb up the Giralda, approximately 70 meters, is made easier with the absence of stairs. Instead a series of ramps leads you to the top for a perfect view of the city. Inside are works of by Murillo, Goya, Pedro de Campaña and Luis de Vargas. Sculpture includes works by Martinez Montañés. The tomb of Columbus is located here as well. 
Pity about the flash.  Right: the tomb of Christopher Columbus voted number one Seville sight on Lonely Planet {well it's all those Americans.. right ?} 
And now it's up the Giraldi Tower. 
Viewe from the top of the Giraldi Tower. 
The Bells  The Bells !! 
View of the Tower from the inner courtyard. 
Located in the very center of Seville between Plaza Nueva and Plaza San Francisco, the Ayuntamiento, or Town Hall, separates the historic and shopping districts in Seville. The 19th century renovation was the work of architects Demetrio de los Ríos and Balbino Marrón. This later renovation can be seen from the side of Plaza Nueva and is an excellent example of neo-classical design. The side often featured in guide books and photos is facing Plaza San Francisco and is a wonderful example of Renaissance architecture. This side of the building was the work of Diego de Riaño in the 16th century, who used an ornate style to depict the two mythic characters Hercules and Caesar, who as legend has it founded the city of Seville. The front steps of the Ayuntamiento (on the Plaza Nueva side) are also a popular meeting place for locals. 
After sunbathing back at the hotel it's a night out in Seville. 
At the Taberna del Alabardero  My guide says  
"Taberna Alabardero |  -  (expensive unless you try the menu at lunch)  
: c/ Zaragoza, 20. : 954 502 721. : 
: Spanish / Creative / New Cuisine.  
At lunchtime eat downstairs at El Alabardero for a full three course meal for 12 and I guarantee you won't have a better meal in Spain for that price. 
This is no bar food or tapas, although I don't have anything against the two. El Alabardero is the school of hosteleria so you get some young waiters who are practising their skills but at a high level. The menu changes most every day and you might consider the food as being from the new school of Spanish cooking - they're not afraid to use some interesting or exotic ingredients in preparing the dishes. The presentation of the food is also something to be seen. It's upscale at a very reasonable price. Note on some holidays and other events the menu price may be higher. For a truly special meal, which comes at a high price, try the upstairs dining room where you can enjoy excellent wines (by the bottle only) along with some of the best cuisine in Seville
Now Wednesday is art day  -  but that's in the next part. 
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