Geoff and June Do Seville 
We stayed in the historic Spanish city of Seville 1st to 8th October 2011 in the 4* Silken hotel Al-Andulus Palace. 
Weather: Every day was full sun. It was 26 degrees at 9am, rising to 34 degrees at 2pm, dropping to 29 degrees at 10pm 
The children's pool on the right had a fence all the way round it. 
Our equipment was a Canon Isus 220 HS super compact 12.1 megapixel camera, and CityMaps2Go app on my Iphone4 using GPS. 
The CityMaps 2Go app only costs 69 pence, and you can load whatever maps you require FREE. I loaded a map of Seville. 
The photos have been reduced in resolution to 96 for the web, and their size by about a fifth.  
I also used Frommer's "Seville Day by Day" book, and pinned items of interest onto my Seville map on the Iphone4. 
The first afternoon {Saturday} we enjoyed the hotel and went out for a meal in the local area. 
Sunday 2nd October 2011 
We explored Maria Luisa park.  
In the Plaza de America looking at the Archaeological Museum 
The Archeological Museum 
The Archaeological Museum is located in what was the Renaissance Pavilion for the 1929 Expo, and the work of Sevillian architect Anibál González. In the 1940's the archaeological collection of the Seville province was moved to the building. The Museum has some 27 exhibition rooms and includes pieces from the nearby Roman settlement of Italica. Pieces represent the diverse culture, people and history of Andalucia, including items from Tartessan civilization and much further back to prehistoric times. Exhibits and pieces cover the times from the 8th century B.C. to the 15th century. 
Across from the Archeological Museum in Parque Maria Luisa, the Museum of Arts and Customs contains an impressive collection of decorative arts and traditional dress/clothing. Like it's counterpart, the museum was once the Mudejar Pavilion designed and constructed by Anibál González for the 1929 Expo. Objects from everyday life - Dresses and jewels, Clothes and customs of celebrations, musical instruments, agriculture, gold work, weaving, embroidery, ceramics, furnishings and other artisan and industrial activities. There is also an exhibition of Feria posters from over the years. The museum also has several exhibition rooms with works from the Gothic age to the 20th century. 
In the Museum of Arts and Customs 
Back in Maria Luisa park 
The Plaza Espana 
Then on into Seville centre where we caught our first glimpse of the Cathedral and Giraldi Tower. 
City walls near the Reales Alcazares (Royal Palace) 
{Below} on our way to Plaza Nueva 
Statue in the Plaza Nueva 
Now it's 8pm and we are on our way to our evening meal. 
This is the Christopher Columbus monument. The ship is the Santa Maria. 
We had our meal at the No. 1 rated restaurant in Seville according to Trip Advisor ! 
It was the Vineria San Telmo, and it was fantastic ! Tapas to die for ! 
Now it's a stroll after the meal, below is the Giraldi Tower. 
Church next to the Cathedral 
Now it's Monday morning and we are about to enter the Royal Palace. 
Wait for me, June ! 
And on to the Royal Palace Gardens. 
Back to the Pool ! 
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